Toyota of Fort Walton Beach

When you’re building in a Florida beach community, like Ft. Walton Beach, you’re presented a unique set of challenges. Not only is there a particular aesthetic that needs to be considered, there is also the occasional hurricane building construction must endure.

So when Ft. Walton Beach Toyota contracted for a new dealership, our building partner, Royster Contracting LLC, turned to experienced steel building leader, ACI Building Systems. What ACI delivered was a beautiful white coastal auto resort built tougher than trying to crack open a coconut with your bare hands.

Technically, The building features a Metallic White Stratoshield Standing Sem Roof, ACI PBR Wall Panels, a Radius Mezzanine System, Mezzanine Beam Barjost and Edge Angle, Radius Roof at Entry, and Oversized Gutters with enough support for 18 Rooftop Units and 150 MPH wind load capacity.

Ft. Walton Beach Toyota’s got everything but a pool bar.
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