Fossett Paving Co.

Located on rural land in an industrial zone with no infrastructure, Fossett Paving Company looked at the site of its new headquarters as more opportunity and less challenge. Comprised of an office building, shop building, fuel station, and an equipment yard, the design provided an elegant, day-lit office for employees while delivering an elevated standard for industrial buildings.

Bringing this special project to life fell in part to ACI Building Systems. The Batesville, MS company delivered with over 13,000 square feet and 60 tons of Stratoshield Roof Panels and Concealed Fastener Panels to complete the award-winning design.

The use of a singular design language between each structure provides cohesiveness and a pattern for expansion, while a unique entry point with glass and glowing light fixtures entices passersby. Every space has access to natural light, and on the exterior, the openings help create rhythm and give depth to the fa├žade. Painting the exposed interior structure black and using other high-end materials uplift the entire design.

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